Media promotion and assistance for visiting television crews & journalists

Our company has established an outstanding reputation in providing fishing media assistance.

  1. Assisting television crews and journalists visiting northern Australia, and particularly the Northern Territory, with all field logistical arrangements to maximise the quality of the product they obtain with expert guidance.

    Our clients include: Australian Tourist Commission, Northern Territory Tourist Commission, Osaka Television Japan, 60 Minutes current affairs television, Channel 9 Australia, A current Affair television, Channel 9 Australia, and various other film crew and journalists from within Australia and overseas.

    We understand the requirements of visiting media and provide a professional service with skilled, experienced operators.

  2. Advertising in NAFA. Our company produces the worlds biggest fishing magazine - National Australian Fishing Annual (NAFA). If you are interested in advertising in our magazines, click and ask us by e-mail for a copy of our rates.

  3. Promoting fishing destinations. Through our own television show, videos and magazines, we can visit and promote specific destinations to a wide Australian audience. We have done this many times with outstanding results for the operators we have promoted.

    In addition, with HotSpot Fishing Tours, we are in a position to promote and sell your fishing tourist product on the Australian and overseas market.

    We can also offer expert advice on establishing your fishing tourism product to meet the demands of a highly competitive market.

  4. Fishing Photos. We have an incredible range of photos for use either "once-off" or to purchase for multiple use.


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